Keyboard shortcuts

With selected widget(s)

[alt] + [c]
[alt] + [v]
Show widget content in large format
Edit last selected widget in large format
[alt] + [space] (also works in the inline editor)
Increase/decrease dimensions
[alt] + [+] / [-]
Zoom interface (using your browsers in-built functionality)
[ctrl] + [+] / [-]
[alt] + [Backspace]
Neat freak (nudges widgets to horizontal rotation)
[alt] + [r]
[alt] + [f]
[alt] + [d]
Prompt to set title
[alt] + [t]
Swap title/content
[alt] + [shift] + [t]
Arranging: Left, right, top, bottom-right
[alt] + [respective cursor key]
Arrange: Spread out horizontally
[alt] + [shift] + [left/right cursor key]
Arrange: Spread out vertically
[alt] + [shift] + [up/down cursor key]


These commands work across all the text editing features in fltspc.

Save current edit
[alt] + [Enter]
Cancel current edit

Inline Editor

These commands work when editing text using the widget editors

Open fullscreen editor
[alt] + [Space]


Search for a widget
[alt] + [s] (Press [esc] to cancel)


Toggle snap-to-grid (also settable from the prefs dialog)
[alt] + [g]

Interface tricks


Filter by widget colour
[alt] + click the corresponding colour swatch. Press [Enter] to select them, or [Esc] to cancel the search.
Pin properties panel
Click to toggle whether properties panel stays on screen or not.

Copy and paste

You can copy and paste text, images and PDF files from your desktop or another application. Either drag and drop onto your surface, or copy and paste using your computer's standard keyboard shortcuts (or via your browser's edit menu). You can also drag images and selected text directly from other web pages.

If you want to copy and paste fltspc content, use [alt]+[c] and [alt]+[v] to copy widgets. You can copy widgets to another surface this way as well.