Fltspc is designed for collaboration: you are able to share your surface and work with others in realtime, across different devices.

There are a few basic principles that underpin the sharing model of fltspc, you can read more about them.

Super-simple approach

  1. Copy the URL of your surface, which will look something like:
  2. Open the 'Sharing' sheet via command panel
  3. Ensure that 'Anyone can view and change' is selected. (When the collaboration session is over, you can always set it to private)
  4. Send the URL to your collaborator(s) via email, instant message, whatever.
  5. Warning! Your surface will only be as secure as the URL - anyone who has the URL will be able to view and edit your surface. Consider changing the sharing setting to 'private' afterwards.

If your collaborators are in the same room, click from the command panel. This will pop open a new window so that people can easily type in the surface's address, or scan it with a QR code.

You can restrict the kinds of changes people can make by selecting options under "further prevent changes to" section.


Passes allow you to make exceptions to the general sharing settings. For example, you can set your surface to private, but create a pass which you share with just one person and allow them to edit.

  1. Set whatever base sharing setting you want (private/anyone can view/anyone can view and change)
  2. Create a new pass
  3. The default settings should be fine, but if you want to restrict the pass, uncheck particular permissions.
  4. Setting a memorable title makes it easier to manage passes later (eg, removing "Greta's pass" later when she no longer needs it)
  5. Once satisified, click 'Create'

Managing passes

Passes for a surface are listed in the Sharing sheet. Click on a pass to edit or delete it.