With one or more widgets selected, click the icon from under the tools panel on the toolbar, or press [space] to view them in an impromptu slideshow.

Use the arrow buttons in the black header to cycle through widgets, or the left and right cursor keys on your keyboard.

Widgets will be played back in the order they are selected.

Editing in the large

When you're in the fullscreen view, clicking the edit icon jumps into the fullscreen editor.

The fullscreen editor is handy when you are using a device with a small screen and you want to make the most of your pixels

You can jump directly to the fullscreen editor by pressing [Alt]+[Space]

Even bigger...

The fullscreen view looks even grander when you use your browser's fullscreen or presentation mode.

In most desktop browsers, open fltspc's tool panel (via the blue icon) and select "Fullscreen". Alternatively, look under the View menu of your web browser.

And mobile browsers:

  • Safari on iPhone or iPad Add a homescreen shortcut to fltspc from Safari. Clicking on the icon will open fltspc without Safari showing up.
  • Firefox Mobile Install the fullscreen addin, which adds a 'Full screen' option in Firefox's menu
  • Fullscreen views and editors can be bookmarked so you can jump directly to it, or forward it to someone who has access.