Copying from other sources

It's super easy to create widgets from copied content.

Use the arrange tools and keyboard shortcuts to quickly lay out a group of widgets

From my desktop

Drag and drop images or PDF files from your desktop directly on to your surface. A new widget will be created for each file. Alternatively, select a widget you want to attach content to, and use the upload button on the properties panel.

Selected text from most programs or other websites can also be dragged on to your surface.

In Google Chrome you can drag and drop an entire directory

From the web

Drag and drop images and text from the web to your surface.

A link will be made to the file, so if it updates on the server, you'll see a fresh copy.

If you want to upload a copy of the image (instead of linking), you'll need to take a screenshot of the image and upload that, or drag and drop the image to your desktop, and then drag and drop to fltspc.

From the clipboard

You can copy the contents of your operating system clipboard into fltspc. Just select some text or an image in the program of your choice, and copy to clipboard (usually via the Edit menu, or [ctrl]+[c]).

Switch to fltspc, click on empty surface area to select it, and then paste (usually via the browser's Edit menu, or [ctrl]+[v]).

Embedding live content

Live, playable content from many websites can be embedded into a fltspc widget. For example: YouTube, Soundcloud, Flickr, IMDB, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Wordpress

For most sites, simply copy the URL in the address bar of the website and paste it into a new widget.

Read more about embedding

Embed from Google Drive

Linking to Dropbox content

Live embedded content won't appear if your widget is too small


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