Locations and Surfaces

Surfaces can have a location "stamped" onto them. When you stamp the location (via the 'Details + Tools' panel), your browser will ask you to allow fltspc to see your location. Click "Allow", and the location of the surface will be set.

Why stamp a location?

Stamping a location and enabling discoverable mode allows people to find nearby surfaces. Nearby surfaces are listed in the surface open dialog. You still need to enable public/pass access for someone to access your surface.


To remove the location, use the drop-down menu and tap the remove button.

Locations and People

To more easily share between co-located people, it is possible to associate your current location with your session.

(At present this is not implemented)

Auto Location preference

Turning on this preference (which is off by default) performs the following:


Keep in mind that enabling location features sends your latitude and longitude to fltspc. This information is stored when you 'stamp' a surface with a location, and for the duration of your session when you have 'auto location' enabled. When you look for nearby surfaces, your location is also sent to fltspc, but it is not saved.

Your browser will ask you to allow access to your location. If you disallow access, location features will not work