Creating widgets

To create a widget, simply click the button from the toolbar.

Once created, you start typing your text. Press [alt]+[Enter] to save and exit the editing mode, or just click on empty space or another widget.

You can also press [alt]+[space] to open the widget for editing fullscreen.

Widgets are created automatically by dragging content from your desktop or other sites. Read more.


There are four other ways of creating widgets:

  1. Double click on the surface to create a new widget at that location.
  2. Duplicate selected widgets using [alt] + [d].
  3. Widgets can be copied with [alt] + [c] and then pasted [alt] + [v], even to a different surface.
  4. Press and hold [ctrl] as you make a selection region (by clicking and dragging on empty surface space). Release your mouse button, and a new widget will be created with the size of the region. You can also press and hold [alt] to move around your selection region.


  1. Select the widget(s) you want to delete
  2. Click the delete icon from the toolbar or press [alt]+[Backspace].


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