Console: finding and filtering

The console lets you search your widgets, open a particular surface, or execute commands.

Searching can be a quick way to hide content and bring particular things into focus.

Activate the console by clicking the search button on the toolbar, or pressing [Alt]+[S].

Searching widgets

After activating the console, start typing text. Any widget that contains the text in its content or title, will become more prominent, while others fade away.

Press [Enter] (or tap the Enter button on a touch device) to select matching widgets, or press [Esc] (or tap anywhere) to cancel the search.

Filtering by colour

Press [Alt] and click a colour swatch to only show widgets that match the colour. You can add more colours to the filter by continuing to click more swatches.

Opening a surface

After activing the console, start typing the name of a surface of yours. Names of your surfaces will appear in a box below the text entry. Press [Up/Down] to highlight, and [Enter] to select, or click/tap on the name of the surface and it will load.

Issuing commands

It is possible to execute commands to the system, by first typing a colon (':') and then the name of the command.