There are a few built-in tools to simplify arranging widgets, which can be accessed via the toolbar or with keyboard shortcuts. Fltspc will also snap the position and sizing of widgets to a grid as well (you can turn this off in your preferences).

Click the arrange button on the toolbar to see the following tools:


The edges of widgets can be aligned so they are at the same position. Widgets are always aligned to be the same as the first selected widget.

Click the arrange button , and then select the corresponding arrow. The left arrow will align the left edges, for example.

You can also align with the keyboard by pressing [alt] + [respective cursor key]

Spreading out

You can evenly spread out widgets horizontally or vertically.

Click the arrange button , and then select one of the two-dot patterns

You can also align with the keyboard by pressing [alt] + [shift] + [left/right or up/down cursor keys]

The distance between arranged widgets can be set in your preferences

Collapsing to title

You can collapse widgets to their title to clear up clutter. When collapsed, a little dotted line will appear on the left of the title to indicate it is collapsed.

To collapse, select widgets and click 'Expand/Collapse' in the properties panel, or double-click the rotate control in the top-left of a selected widget.

If you press and hold [alt] while mousing over a collapsed widget, it will temporarily expand to let you peek at the contents.