You don't need to sign up to use fltspc, see Anonymous use.

Signing in and out

To sign in, or check whether you are currently signed in, click the blue fltspc icon to open the main sheet. You'll see either "Sign in...", or "Sign out" and your email address.

Clicking "Sign in..." will open the sign-in dialog, shown to the right. Fill in your email and password, and select "Sign in".

Creating an account

You don't have to remember another password. Use "Sign in with Facebook" to sign in via your Facebook account. Your use of fltspc will not appear on Facebook in any way.

In the lower section of the dialog, fill in your email and password, and tick the ToS checkbox, and click "Create". That's it!


Clicking the 'Prefs' button from the main sheet provides a little more information on your account and allows you to set preferences.

Anonymous use

fltspc offers a great experience without signing up or using your Facebook login. That said, the following features will not work:

Anonymous use simplifies ad-hoc collaboration - they don't have to create accounts. This of course depends on what permissions you set for your surface.