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Toolbar The left of the interface is the toolbar. It is always visible. If your display is narrow, the toolbar will appear across the top.

Surface The main area of the screen is the surface. This is where you can place widgets, which hold your stuff. You cannot place anything outside of your surface. Surface size can be changed under the preferences dialog.

Properties panel On the right of the screen is the properties panel which can be opened or closed - it normally hides out of view. This is where you can change the properties of selected widgets or the surface itself.

Widget toolbox The last selected widget will show some additional tools around its perimeter. These allow you to resize, rotate and flip the selected widget(s).

Showing the properties panel
If it's not visible, click on the translucent bar you see at the right of your screen (or top of screen if in portrait mode).
Hiding the properties panel
Click empty space on the panel.
Main menu: open, sign-in etc
Various commands are available under the button on the top-left of the interface. Click on empty space to dismiss the panel, or press [Esc]

Quick Start

  1. Create a new widget by clicking the button from the toolbar.
  2. It will open with editor enabled. Simply type what you want and press [alt] + [Enter], or click on a blank area of the surface
  3. Click and drag the widget to place where ever you like
  4. While the widget is selected (showing with a solid rectangle around it), hover over the properties panel (on the right or top of your screen), and select a colour to change the background of the widget
  5. When you hover over the properties panel, click once on an empty area of it to pin it into place. This can be useful when you are making a lot of changestart
  6. Select your widget, and where "(no title)" appears in the properties panel, click once to set a title

More things to try:

  • Drag and drop an image from your desktop
  • With a widget selected, clip the paperclip icon to upload an image or PDF
  • Drag and drop text or images from other webpages
  • Copy a URL to a YouTube video and paste it into a new widget. After a moment, the video should appear.
  • Create a bunch of widgets and try out the arrangement tools
  • Select some widgets and press [space] or click on the icon to view them full screen. Use your left and right cursor keys to navigate.