fltspc is useful for all sorts of purposes. One way to think of it is a online, collaborative whiteboard. You can put stuff up just for yourself and access it from where ever you are, or you can use it with others.

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It's also an exploratory prototype for research. While we will try to keep it tip-top shape, please do not rely on it for planning your shuttle launch. For more, see the Terms of Service.

What can it do?


Write text and upload images quickly and easily, dragging and dropping directly from other webpages or your desktop

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Group and lay out your ideas, by simply dragging, or by using the handy built-in tools.

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Link to live content from Google Docs, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Calendar, Twitter and many other sites. You can also link to your Dropbox files.

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Realtime collaboration

Your edits and changes are synchronised in real time with everyone else who is viewing the surface.


Works great with your Android, iPhone or iPad web browser


At any time you can do an impromptu slideshow of widgets or edit the contents of a widget in a full-screen view. Great for using on a projector or mobile device.

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Search widgets by text or colour

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